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Total Package! Breath-taking view

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  • June 12, 2022
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We have been coming to Tops’l for over 15 years with our tennis team from High School. (My husband is the coach) We come in January every year. We just love the staff and the amenities. We decided to come as a family for vacation this year, realizing it was the perfect spot for us. We are a tennis-loving family! We just couldn’t have had a better time. Michelle worked with us to get us in the perfect spot and it was just fantastic. Upon arriving, nothing could top that first breathtaking view out of those massive windows. We were there during the Blood moon eclipse too and I’ve never seen the moon from such a vantage point. Amazing. We loved the spaciousness of the condo and just had a blast. The access to the cabana and pool, walk to the beach and then the access to the grounds at Tops’l just made for a perfect getaway. We took private lessons from the tennis pro, Joe. (Great guy!) Pickleball was a fav and a walk up to the Ocean Club for dinner was perfect. We hardly left the property. Thanks for such a wonderful stay with amazingly comfy beds, plenty of space, a loungey and private porch looking out over the ocean, and all the soft seating for our big crew. Our precious 2-year-old Zoe had a great time and we felt perfectly safe in every way. We will most certainly return, Lord willing!